By Dr Syeda Khan.M.D (Internal Medicine – Montefiore Medical Center, New York ) MBBS (Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad) Aesthetics Training – IAAPAM, Canada & Diploma in Aesthetics – Delhi

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  • Consultant at Apollo Hospitals
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Why is Skin Tightening Required

As one ages our skins tend to lose its firmness and tautness. This causes the skin to fold and kind of droop causing wrinkles and lines. Gravity plays a good part in casing the same as the skin loses its strength and the muscles cannot support it. It can also occur as a result of sudden changes in the body due to weight loss. This unpleasant sight does make one feel low as also the self-esteem takes a blow. Not only does this cause embarrassment, it could also lead to rashes and the skin fold could be a place for sweat to accumulate thus causing various infections.

There may be various reasons for the skin fold to develop but one of the most common one being with age there is a lack of collagen in the skin which causes the skin to appear saggy or droopy. Traditional methods involved going under the knife which had its own set of cons like extended downtime, cases of hyperpigmentation occurring in a large number of cases and in some others darkening of the skin. Another reason for skin sag is sugar products. We all know that sugar is responsible not only for our weight gain. What is less known is that it is bad for the skin too. Glycation is the process wherein the glucose ie sugar fastens itself to collagen thus breaking it down chemically thereby contributing to sagging of the skin. However, nowadays all that can be avoided and there are various skin tightening treatments or procedures available which helps get the youthfulness back in the skin.

How is Skin Tightening Done

Skin tightening laser treatment helps rejuvenate the production of Collagen thus charging your skin with youthful glowing radiance. This non-surgical approach is done by Radiofrequency energy / Laser skin tightening process under expert supervision. The results appear almost instantaneously with you feeling the radiance inside and showing in your softer smoother and glowing skin full of youthfulness. There are no side effects of this non-invasive treatment which is painless. With continued follow on management following laser/RF skin tightening treatment over the next couple of weeks, the positive effects continuously rejuvenates the skin as the skin’s natural stocks of collagen are progressively restocked. Immediate results are noticeable after the first sitting specially for facial treatment. However, two to four sittings may be required over a few months for the bouquet of treatment to be complete.

What Is Radio Frequency Treatment?

Radio frequency or RF are waves that penetrate the skin and produce heat. This heat helps to boost the collagen strength within the skin. The tightness of the skin depends on the amount of collagen produced .The collagen induction and remodelling is a slow process as the body’s tissues take a while to respond to the treatment .One would require minimum of 8-10 sessions over a period of 10 days.

Ideal Target Areas for Treatment

With age the cheeks tend to be the first to look droopy and saggy. It is typically resorted to treat the cheeks to get the baby’s glow back. The mid face region is where one’s eyes first rest on you. This line of treatment helps to restore the youthfulness to the mid face. From the cheeks and the midface the jaws tend to gather skin folds. Treatment of the jaw line helps to get back the cutting edge. They say that the neck is where the beauty of the face and the attractiveness of the body joins. Laser treatment retrieves the grace and poise that may have gone missing. Other typical areas where exceptional results can be seen and are visibly noticeable are under eyes to regain the look, the under arms to restore the firmness and not the least the abdomen to regain the tautness.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending on medical history, age, gender and lifestyle.The client needs to follow the program as prescribed by Allure Aesthetics Experts



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